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How To Make Muscle Memory Work For You

Muscle memory is a double-edged sword at times, and whilst it can help boost our gains and help us avoid injury, it can also affect our performance when something goes wrong. Whilst it is a nebulous concept, muscle memory is the changes that occur in our brain where a series of actions that form a task (for […]

How To Reduce The Risk Of Common Sports Injuries

When you play sports or engage in athletic events at a high level there is a chance that you can injure yourself, either through a bad accident or fall, overexerting yourself, or failing to warm up enough to avoid tension. However, some sports injuries are more common than others, so here are ways to reduce […]

Why You Shouldn’t Skip Warm Up Exercises

If you are a little behind schedule, and impatient to get on with your morning run or gym session, it can be tempting to miss out warm-up exercises and jump straight in. However, sports therapists always recommend carrying out a proper warm-up routine. Here are some of the reasons why it is important to prepare […]