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How To Return To Competition After An Injury

A major injury is a worst-case scenario for most athletes. Whether it is a hamstring tear, a knee injury, a shoulder tear or a broken bone it can feel debilitating both physically and psychologically. Being on the shelf as the result of a sports injury is understandably frustrating as you want to compete. However, there is a […]

Does Cold Weather Affect Joint Health?

For many people who have suffered a joint injury, the cold weather can cause a surprising amount of discomfort. Whilst the stiffness, aches, pains and inflammation associated with joint injury can affect people at any time of the year, some will claim that the pain gets worse during the winter months. Whether this is actually the case […]

Cycling Involved In 8 In 10 Sports-Related Spinal Injuries

Eight out of ten sports-related spinal injuries involve cycling, according to the latest research from Harvard University, and the vast majority of those rest in collisions involving motor vehicles, leading the study’s authors to suggest that better cycle lanes and driver education, as well as helmet advocacy, can help reduce the number of incidents. The […]