3 Common Golfing Injuries

With the weather improving day by day as summer fast approaches, no doubt you’re all starting to spend more time outside, indulging in your favourite outdoor pastimes and pursuits.

If you’ve been looking forward to some golf in the sunshine, it’s important to make sure that your form is always on point, or you could find yourself sustaining some kind of injury or other, which could prevent you from playing in the future.

One of the most common golfing injuries is lower back pain – and you may already have felt some discomfort there already. Hunching over your club and putting rotational stress on your back can have a big impact, so focus on your form and exercise your back muscles regularly to help prevent injuries.

Rotator cuff injuries are also really commonplace among avid golfers, which can happen when your muscles swell up, causing you pain and affecting your game. To help prevent impingements and tears, prioritise good form and do lots of strength training.

And, as with any sport, make sure you’re playing with your knees in mind. Weaker knees can take a lot of stress and strain when you’re swinging your clubs, so look out for any twinges or pain you might be feeling. Don’t dismiss this out of hand, because twinges can turn into something much harder to rehab if you’re not careful.

If you have sustained any injuries while playing golf, or perhaps you’ve started noticing some aches and pains when you perform certain movements, get in touch with us here at Maidenhead physio centre here at Clear Physio to see how we can help.

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