3 Exercises To Help Strengthen Your Wrists For Tennis

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With Wimbledon just getting underway, no doubt many of you out there will be inspired to head out to the local tennis courts to play your own Grand Slam tournaments… but just make sure that you’re doing all you can to protect yourself from tennis-related injuries, which can easily manifest themselves if you’re not careful!

One very common issue that we find ourselves dealing with at Clear Physio is wrist injuries from playing tennis. In fact, if you play a lot of tennis it’s fair to say that it’s almost inevitable that you’ll sustain an injury at some point, since they generally happen as a result of overuse.

That being said, wrist injuries can also occur because of poor grip and poor use of the equipment, so it could be useful to look at how you’re holding your racket when you hit the ball, as this could make a big difference to your injury rate.

Doing specific exercises to strengthen your wrists is a really good strategy to employ in order to remain injury-free. Here are three options to try at home if you’re worried that your wrists are weak.


The Finger Stretch

Sit with your elbow bent and your arm out so it forms a right angle. Make a fist and then open your hand slowly, spreading your fingers out and stretching them. Repeat several times, then repeat with the other hand.


The Prayer Stretch

Keep your elbows bent and press your palms together, with the fingertips facing up and just below your chin. Keep the fingers together and lower your hands until you feel the stretch in the insides of your arms. Keep the fingers together but all the palms to separate, holding for 30 seconds. Repeat.


The Ball Squeeze

Put your tennis ball to good use when not on the courts with this particular exercise! Simply wrap your fingers and thumb around the ball and squeeze it as hard as you can, holding for three to five seconds before relaxing your grip slowly. Repeat five to ten times.


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