3 Of The Most Common Work-Related Injuries… & How Physio Can Help

work related injury

Even if your employer has carried out all the relevant risk assessments and taken all the necessary precautions to prevent injuries in the workplace, accidents can and do still happen. 

Furthermore, some jobs carry inherent risks that can cause physical complaints over time, such as repetitive strain injury or hand-arm vibration syndrome, which can manifest as a result of using vibrating equipment.

However, lower back pain is one of the most common of all workplace-related injuries, which can be caused by the work you do. 

Alternatively, your job can make an existing condition worse, if you have to sit at a desk for prolonged periods of time or if you have to bend forwards or to the side to do your work, which can affect the lumbar spine if you’re not careful.

Shoulder impingements are also a common complaint, where repetitive movements can lead to a swelling of the tendon. This means that there’s less space at the top of the shoulder blade, so that when you raise your arm the tendon can catch beneath it, leading to further swelling, inflammation and pain.

Issues with the feet can also arise over time, particularly in those who have to stand for prolonged periods at work. If you have to wear heavy steel-capped boots, you may be increasing the risks of developing plantar fasciitis, which can be incredibly painful and quite difficult to sort out.

If you are experiencing any symptoms relating to the aforementioned conditions (or if you’re experiencing any other painful physical symptoms), physio can make a huge difference to how you feel – and how you do your job.

Working with a qualified and experienced physiotherapist will help you understand just why these issues are cropping up and what adjustments you can make at work to reduce the risks. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch with the Clear Physio team today.

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