How Does Electrotherapy Help With Injuries?

There’s nothing worse than being in pain and experiencing mobility problems. Aches and pains can take their toll very quickly indeed, affecting your mood, outlook, confidence and self-esteem, so taking action early on to address your symptoms can make a big difference and get you back on your feet sooner rather than later.

One avenue you may want to consider if you are experiencing physical pain and discomfort at the moment is electrotherapy. This is also known as transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (or TENS), where electrode pads are positioned strategically on your body to send little electrical currents to the affected parts of your body.

It might sound as though it might be a painful process, but you may well find that the procedure is actually quite relaxing, as well as helping you with pain management.

There are all sorts of benefits of this type of therapy, including pain relief, muscle stimulation, swelling reduction, circulation improvements, muscle rehab, chronic pain management and mobility improvements.

It has been found to be effective at treating a range of different conditions, everything from headaches and muscle pain to back and neck pain, period pain, post-op pain, bursitis, arthritis, tendonitis, sports injuries, joint pain and lots more. 

If you have tried other forms of treatment and haven’t had much luck, it could certainly be worth exploring this therapy to see if it could benefit you and provide you with relief from your symptoms.

For sports injuries specifically, you might want to research interferential electrotherapy further. This is a form of electrotherapy where two alternating medium frequency currents are used to stimulate the muscle in much the same way that your typical muscle contractions would work.

Of course, it can be a little confusing and you may find it hard to decide which therapy would be best for you and your pain. If you’re struggling at the moment, get in touch with us today to see how we can help you get back to being fighting fit sooner rather than later.

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