How Does Magnesium Help You Sleep?

We all know how important it is to get a good night’s sleep on a regular basis. If you build up a big sleep debt it can be very difficult to break the pattern and lack of sleep can lead to all sorts of other problems, everything from a slightly foggy mind and a lack of energy to depression, lower sex drive, high blood pressure, diabetes… the list goes on.

There are all sorts of ways you can help yourself sleep, whether that’s by changing your sleeping position so you put less strain on your body, staying away from screens for two hours before bed, reading a good book or drinking some hot chocolate as part of a proper bedtime routine.

But you might also like to try magnesium if you are struggling to break the cycle of insomnia, as this mineral can actually help promote sleep – and you can find it in balm or cream form, so you don’t have to take any supplements if you don’t want to.

A recent study from the Faculty of Nutrition and Food Technology in Tehran found that when given 500mg of magnesium over a placebo, adults enjoyed better quality sleep, as well as higher levels of both renin and melatonin, which are two hormones that help regulate sleep.

It’s also possible that magnesium can help with both anxiety and depression, two conditions that can have huge impacts on how well you sleep each night – so it certainly sounds like it’s worth giving it a go if you are suffering from insomnia at the moment.

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