How Physiotherapy Can Help Older People

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As we get older, it’s inevitable that our bodies will start to change and it’s possible that you will begin to experience issues such as reduced mobility, less muscle strength and power, poor coordination, reduced balance, poorer eyesight, painful joints and so on.

Because these changes typically happen quite gradually, it gives us time to adjust and we’re better able to cope over time. However, changes may happen concurrently or all of a sudden and the knock-on effect of this can be quite significant, affecting our ability to move well and our ability to live as independently as we’d like.

Just because change is inevitable, however, doesn’t mean that there isn’t something to be done about it and if you’ve developed certain conditions, diseases or disabilities such as arthritis, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, diabetes and so on, you may find that seeking a professional and experienced physiotherapist can be of particular benefit.

Your physio will be able to assess your physical problems and devise a bespoke treatment plan to help you improve your symptoms. This usually involves changing how you carry out your daily tasks, as well as giving you exercises to do on a regular basis, with the aim being to improve mobility, strength and balance.

If you’re in pain, this can also be addressed with various targeted exercises, so make sure you tell your physio about all your symptoms and what seems to trigger them. These exercises include the likes of getting up from the floor, getting up from a chair and practising going up and down stairs to help improve your overall functionality.

It’s been found that older people who are more physically active and get regular exercise enjoy a range of benefits including improved strength and balance, reduced blood pressure, reduced cholesterol, better memory and weight loss, as well as lower risks of conditions like depression and anxiety.


If you’d like to find out more about how you could benefit from physiotherapy, get in touch with the Clear Physio team today.

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