How To Prevent Pickleball Injuries

restorative sport massage- Pickleball

One of the fastest growing sports at the moment is pickleball, an active leisure pursuit that has really taken off in the US and is gathering pace on UK soil as well.

It combines elements of tennis, badminton and table tennis, with players using a paddle to hit a plastic ball with holes in it. It’s played both indoors and outdoors on a badminton-sized court, with a modified net dividing the space.

The game itself is hugely enjoyable and can be played by people of all ages and all abilities, which is no doubt a big contributing factor in its rise to the top. However, pickleball injuries also seem to be on the rise – so if you do start playing, make sure you’re taking the proper precautions to remain injury-free.

Playing pickleball requires lots of changing direction quickly and stopping and starting, so there are plenty of ways in which injuries could be sustained. Sprained ankles, for example, are commonplace but you can help prevent this by strengthening the muscles on the sides of your legs and hips.

Short-term back injuries can also be caused by pickleball because you need to remain in a spine flexion position for a lot of the game, while rotating to hit the ball. Back pain can be prevented by improving the mobility of your spine. What about trying a yogic cat/cow pose to help encourage your spine to move through its full range of motion. 

Just remember to keep your abs engaged as you move from one position to the other, so that you stretch with tension and get all your muscles working together as they should.

It’s also essential that you listen to your body. If you feel any niggles, any aches, any pain, don’t ignore them. It’s unlikely that they’ll resolve themselves, particularly if you carry on playing pickleball on a regular basis.

And, of course, massage therapy can be really beneficial if your body is feeling sore. If you think you could benefit from a restorative sport massage, get in touch with the Clear Physio team today.

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