How To Reduce Muscle Spasms

sports massage - muscle spasm

If you’ve been experiencing muscle spasms and cramping of late, it’s important to note that this is very common and not usually a cause for serious medical concern. 

Such spasms often present themselves in the leg muscles, but you can experience them anywhere, with episodes lasting from just a couple of seconds to 15 minutes or more.

At best, these spasms can be a minor irritation and you can just ignore them until they subside. However, some people may experience more serious symptoms and this can be incapacitating, so having a few techniques to try when your muscles do start playing up can help you recover more quickly.

Stretching, for example, can help improve your symptoms or stop the spasm before it properly takes hold. 

Calf muscles can often prove problematic, so if this is an area of concern for you, try lying down and stretching your leg out, pulling your toes towards your head. You can also use a resistance band to pull your foot towards you gently while keeping your leg straight.

It’s also common to experience back spasms and if this is something you often find yourself afflicted with, one of the most immediate ways you can address your symptoms is simply by walking around and about. Take it slow and steady to help keep your muscles loose. 

However, if you don’t find this as effective as it could be, try lying down with a tennis ball or similar placed over the area in spasm to see if this makes a difference.

One of the best ways to go about addressing muscle spasms and cramps, however, is massage therapy. You can do this yourself by applying gentle pressure to the muscle in question, or you can go a bit deeper by pinching and squeezing the area around it for a couple of minutes.

If you’re unable to reach the affected area, it can be useful to have someone to help – and this is a service we’re able to provide, so get in touch with us today to find out more about sports massage and how it can help with cramps and spasms.

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