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Physiotherapy More Effective Than Steroids In Long Run For Knee Arthritis

A study looking into the two main treatments for knee arthritis have found that over the long term, physiotherapy is more likely to provide long term relief for the same price as steroid injections. The study, published in JAMA Network Open, evaluated the treatment paths of 156 adults part of a clinical trial, studying the length […]

Top Tips For Recovering From A Dislocated Shoulder

One of the most painful, frustrating and easiest dislocations to suffer is one to the shoulder joint. Often caused by falling heavily on an arm, or due to a condition such as hypermobility, dislocated shoulders can be difficult to recover from, and depending on how much of the surrounding muscles and tissues surrounding the shoulder are torn, […]

Remarkable Injury Recoveries In Sports

To reach a high level in any sport requires dedication and resilience as much as athletic ability, as there will be times when circumstances, knocks and injuries will test even the most skilled or athletically gifted athlete. Despite this, there are certain times when an athlete returns to the sport after an injury so severe […]

Where Do Common Universal Health Tips Come From?

Certain rules of thumb are used almost as mantras by people wanting to live a healthy lifestyle without checking to see where these tips and tricks actually came from. Because people are inherently different and often have very different fitness needs, goals and considerations, there are a surprising number of universal tips that are discussed, […]

Top Tips To Reduce And Relieve Repetitive Stress Injury

Scoliosis - physiotherapy

One of the most common regular injuries people suffer when working or practising sports is also one of the most misunderstood conditions, in no small part because it is not a singular condition. Whilst it is often described as one condition, Repetitive Strain Injury is a collective term for a range of painful injuries caused by overuse, […]

How To Return To Competition After An Injury

A major injury is a worst-case scenario for most athletes. Whether it is a hamstring tear, a knee injury, a shoulder tear or a broken bone it can feel debilitating both physically and psychologically. Being on the shelf as the result of a sports injury is understandably frustrating as you want to compete. However, there is a […]

How To Stay Active When Working From Home

Working from home can mean that in between work, homeschooling, and doing household chores, there doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to get to the gym, and many have found themselves stuck indoors for weeks on end. It has become clear to many that they need to prioritise their health, as working […]

Why Injury Management Can Be An Olympian Task

With the Olympics finally underway after being delayed by a year, the focus is very firmly on the star performers most likely to bring home the medals for Team GB. However, for many of those competing, their hopes of medal glory hinge as much on their injury management as on the threats posed by their […]

How To Reduce The Risk Of Common Sports Injuries

When you play sports or engage in athletic events at a high level there is a chance that you can injure yourself, either through a bad accident or fall, overexerting yourself, or failing to warm up enough to avoid tension. However, some sports injuries are more common than others, so here are ways to reduce […]