The Best Sleeping Positions For Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common conditions that people experience, with many factors giving rise to feelings of discomfort in this part of the body. Usually, it resolves itself within a few weeks and most of the time it’s not down to anything serious, getting better on its own.

That being said, however, it can be very uncomfortable and jarring to experience back pain, regardless of the cause – especially at night when you’re trying to sleep. As such, knowing which sleeping positions are the most effective if you are in pain can help you enjoy better rest, which in turn will likely help aid your recovery and get you back on your feet far quicker.

The best position to sleep in is actually lying flat on your back, although many people do struggle with this particular manner of sleeping. It helps to keep your spine properly aligned, while reducing pressure and compression.

The worst position, meanwhile, is lying on your stomach. Lying face down to go to sleep means you’ll have to angle your neck awkwardly, which can exacerbate your symptoms, as well as flattening the natural curve of the spine and putting more pressure on your joints and muscles.

If you do struggle with lying on your back, you can try sleeping on your side, which is better for your body than sleeping on your stomach. However, aim to keep your legs straight if you can to avoid back and neck pain, while keeping your spine in neutral.

If you continue to experience back pain, get in touch with us here at Clear Physio for physiotherapy in Maidenhead and the surrounding areas. And, in the meantime, try to keep as active as possible, sticking to your daily routine as much as you can.

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