The Potential Long-Term Effects Of Sports Injury

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When you’re very active and enjoy keeping fit and playing sports, you’re sure to reap the benefits of doing so, which range from feeling happier, better concentration, better sleep, less stress, more self-confidence… the list goes on!

However, the more active you are the more susceptible you are to injuries, often related to overuse of muscles and joints, but also down to accidents that happen as you pursue your favourite activities.

Some injuries can be prevented by ensuring that you maintain proper form as you play, but some instances will be unavoidable and it’s often luck of the draw when it comes to getting hurt in action.

Sports injuries can be problematic in the short term because it means you’re not able to do what you love and this can quickly become frustrating. 

But the longer-term physical and emotional consequences should also be considered so you can ensure that you follow the best route to recovery, helping your body to heal and reduce your risk of injuring yourself even further.

Long-term chronic conditions can even arise as a result of injuries on the playing field, everything from ongoing joint pain to osteoarthritis – and this can then take its toll on your mental and emotional health and wellbeing.

Interestingly, the psychological impacts of injuring yourself can include the likes of anxiety and depression, so it’s vital that you have an excellent support system in place to help you cope with your physical injury and the long-term implications it could have.

There are lots of sports injuries that could have long-lasting consequences for amateur and professional athletes alike. ACL injuries, for example, can be especially problematic, with treatment requiring rest and rehabilitation exercises for less serious cases and surgery for particularly bad injuries. 

If you have hurt yourself on the playing field and want some professional help to get you back on your feet quickly, get in touch with the Maidenhead sport therapists Clear Physio today.

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