Top Tips For Psychological Recovery Post-Sports Injury


When you play a lot of sport or are very active, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll sustain an injury at some point or other. 

Depending on the severity of the injury, you can expect recovery times to be potentially lengthy – and it’s important to recognise that it’s not just your body that will need time to bounce back. You’ll also need to prepare yourself mentally, as well.

Amateur and professional athletes alike are sure to struggle with injuries, since it means that they’ll have to turn their attention to rest and rehab, rather than training and doing what they love. This can lead to feelings of depression, anxiety and frustration, particularly if recovery times are extended for whatever reason.

It’s essential to recognise this and make sure that you have a good support system in place so you can seek help when you need it… and it’s also essential that you take your time and you don’t rush back to your chosen sport before you’re physically ready or you could exacerbate your injury even more.

There are ways in which you can go about protecting your mental health and wellbeing after an injury, helping you to remain positive and maintain a happy outlook, which is sure to aid your physical recovery at the same time.

For example, you could try some relaxation strategies to help you reduce any stress you might be feeling, as well as any muscle tension. 

Body scans are a really useful mindfulness technique you could also employ, helping you to feel more in touch with your physical symptoms so you can start to build your confidence back up and not overthink what physical signals might mean.

It can also be useful to take control where you can. Of course, you’ll be feeling a little powerless when faced with a physical injury, but focusing on other areas that are within your control can help give you the power back. 

Consider getting into a new routine that includes lots of calming activities, sleep, healthy eating and physical therapy, so that you don’t feel quite so lost while you’re not able to pursue your true passion in life.


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