What Does A Full Body Massage Involve?

There are lots of different avenues available to us for self-care these days, but one of the best ways to restore balance and improve our general health and wellbeing (both physical and emotional) is to consider going for a full body massage.

As the name might well suggest, this kind of treatment involves the use of professional techniques over your body, including the feet, legs, back, arms, head and shoulders. The kind of techniques used will depend on what form of massage you opt for, so it’s important to know what you’re hoping to achieve from the session in order to deliver the results you want.

Sports massage, for example, often uses deep pressure throughout the body to help ease aching muscles and relieve tension, so would be a good choice for athletes or those who are very active.

An aromatherapy massage, meanwhile, is often selected by those looking for emotional healing, with more gentle pressure used alongside essential oils to help revive and restore you.

In terms of what to expect, you will need to remove restrictive clothing so that your clinician can treat the various parts of your body accordingly. You will, of course, be given privacy in order to do this, with time provided so you can position yourself discreetly on the massage table.

During the session, your therapist will usually start at your feet and work up towards your head to help improve circulation. Once they’ve worked over your back, you will then be asked to turn over so they can give you a head massage.

There are all sorts of benefits associated with this kind of massage, everything from reducing feelings of stress and anxiety to improving sleep, improving circulation and helping to reduce the risks of physical injury.


If you’d like to find out more about how you could benefit, get in touch with the Clear Physio team today.

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