What To Do After Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage - after care

A great way to treat yourself and breathe new life into sore and aching muscles is to book yourself in for a deep tissue massage, a practice that yields all sorts of positive results, everything from sports injury relief to improved circulation, reduced inflammation, better sleep, a deep sense of relaxation and a whole lot more besides.

If you’ve never been for this kind of massage before, you’re in for a real treat – but be prepared for the idea that it may be a little uncomfortable from time to time, as deep pressure is used to release muscle tension and tightness. 

Depending on how many knots you have, it can be relatively painful, but you will feel a looser afterwards, so focus on your breathing as your therapist works, which can help ease any pain you may feel.

After your massage, there are certain steps you can take that will help you reap the benefits even further. Firstly, make sure that you drink lots of water to help you hydrate and flush out the toxins, avoiding alcohol and caffeine if you can. As for food, go for the healthier options if you’re feeling peckish after your session, including fresh fruit, vegetables and protein.

If you’re feeling quite sore after your massage, you can help yourself relax by having a nice warm bath, which will provide relief to any really tender spots. Those of you nursing an injury back to health may also find that using an ice pack on the affected area is useful, as well.

Our final top tip for post-massage recovery is to make sure you rest and relax as much as possible. However tempting it may be, don’t exercise or play sports for at least 24 hours afterwards, so that your body can really reap the benefits of the therapy.

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