Work-From-Home Still Causing Aches And Pains

Some people may have returned to the office, but there are still millions of people working from home, and even after all these months they are still struggling with aches and pains due to poor posture at their WFH workstations.

Many adults regularly experience musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions such as back, neck, shoulder and joint pain. As the coronavirus is not going away anytime soon, and WFH becomes a more permanent reality, it’s essential to not let poor practice create permanent ailments and to improve your posture.

Here are some tips for managing pain for working from home.

Create a schedule, plan goals

Plan a series of breaks and stretches into your daily work schedule. Try to get up and away from your workstation at least once an hour. Stand up, walk around, and do a few stretches while the kettle is boiling!

Sit down the right way

Lounging on the sofa with your feet up and your laptop on your lap is not good for frequent, long durations. You need to be in a seated posture at a workstation, feet flat on the floor or a stable surface.

Make sure your seat is supportive and has some cushioning, as well a backrest to support your spine.

Align elbows and wrists

Have your typing surface and mouse on the same level. The height should be measured by where the wrists are, which should be in line with the elbow, which would normally be at a 90-degree angle.

Elevate your monitor

Make sure your computer monitor is raised so that you are sat up, not hunched over or leaning forward. The ideal position is at arm’s length, and your posture means your shoulders, hips, and ear are aligned.

Be mindful about how you are sat and your posture, and you’ll avoid any serious MSK conditions. Should you need a physiotherapist in Maidenhead, contact us today!

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