Could Lockdown Gardening Worsen Back Pain?

Office work has been to blame for backpain for several years, as a result of having to sit at the computer for hours on end. However, many people are coming to realise that lockdown restrictions are also not beneficial to back problems, whether they are having to work from home or spend hours in their garden while being signed off from their jobs.

Indeed, some people are having to recreate their desk on their beds, at the kitchen island or at their dining room table, sitting on uncomfortable hardback chairs all day long. None of these conditions are good for posture, and after several weeks of having to endure uncomfortable sitting positions, lots of workers have begun to suffer from constant aches in their spine, neck and shoulders.

It is not just workers that are feeling the pain though, as those who are using this time to get to work on their gardens are also complaining of lockdown backache.

An article in Well And Good noted: “Plants are one of the few things truly thriving in quarantine, but it isn’t a hobby without its (literal) growing pains.”

It went on to say: “Whether you’re green to gardening or harvest seasonally, you’ve probably experienced a backache after gardening (or just general soreness after the fact).”

The publication suggested keen gardeners should position themselves on all fours when possible, bending at the hips while squatting when pulling something heavy out of the ground or lifting a weighty object.

It also recommended stretching muscles when feeling stiff, standing up and extending your back every few minutes. It is also a good idea to stretch before and after gardening, such as performing hip-flexor stretches and bridges, just the same way you would if you were exercising.

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