Protecting Your Posture While Home Working

With growing numbers of people now working from home because of the lockdown and social distancing measures, introduced to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, it’s important that you make sure the infrastructure you have at home is fit for purpose or you could really do your body some damage.

It’s essential that you consider ergonomics when setting up an at-home office so you don’t have to worry about your posture or your comfort levels.

Firstly, make sure that the desk you’re working at has enough knee and foot room so you can sit or stand close to your computer or laptop. You should try and make sure that the top of the screen of your computer is level with your eye height, using a stand to elevate it if necessary.

If you’re going to be sitting down at your desk, invest in an adjustable chair and make sure it gives you proper support for your lower back. It’s important to think about your posture if you’re sitting down, so if you tune in and find yourself slumping and slouching, make sure you adjust from time to time.

Those of you with standing desks also have to bear posture in mind and make sure that both feet are flat on the floor, with your head, neck, body and legs are in line and vertical, with no leaning or twisting to either side.

Making sure that you get up and take regular breaks is a must if you’re going to be sitting down all day. Every hour, get up and move about – or practice some desk yoga to help keep your body in good working order at this difficult time.

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